IMG_2989Ever since the first house was built, there have been real estate agents. And unfortunately, like other types of salespeople, some real estate agents have gotten a bad reputation.

New Home Negotiators is here to change that. “New Home Negotiators is all about service,” says Travis Hill, owner of New Home Negotiators. “We want to help people find a great deal on their ideal home in the area they want, and we want to make it a pleasant experience for them.”

Travis Hill is a real estate agent with decades of experience with the new construction housing market and traditional real estate markets in the San Francisco area and beyond.

Using their specialized expertise, Hill and his team will help buyers find the right new construction home in the Bay Area in three main ways: By helping them determine exactly what they’re looking for, including the type of community and home amenities; take them on guided, private tours of new construction communities and homes; and help them negotiate their home options and final purchase price.

Travis Hill

Travis Hill of New Home Negotiators

New Home Negotiators understand that many people relocating to the San Francisco Bay area are often doing so for work, and they don’t have the time to visit the area’s communities to find which one will suit them best. “My team has the expertise to narrow down their search and negotiate with the seller,” explains Hill.

In new build construction, the seller is usually the construction firm, and that’s different from dealing with a private seller. Hill’s team saves their clients time, money and the hassle of dealing with an unfamiliar real estate transaction.

Knowing that many people moving to the San Francisco Bay Area are often in the computer industry and familiar with using new technologies, New Home Negotiators also uses social media and mobile technology to help their clients find the right home quickly. For instance, in the interest of their clients’ short timeframe for their home search, Hill and his team will film and narrate video tours of homes and communities on their smartphones and send them to the client on the spot—something that is fairly unique in the industry.

Looking for that perfect new construction home in the San Francisco Bay Area, from the city to the communities of Dublin, Milpitas, Brentwood, Gilroy and Morgan Hill? New Home Negotiators can help you. Browse properties and communities on our website, and call 800-529-4767 for more information and to schedule your personalized home tour.