Miniature House and Money.If you’re planning on selling your home in 2015, you’ll need to make five crucial decisions to help you maximize your sale price, get your home sold quickly and do it without the soul-crushing stress that often comes with selling your home.

Decision #1 – Don’t wait to prep. Home sellers who wait until spring to get their home “ready for sale” are already too late. By March 1st, the real estate year is in full swing. If you want to have the home that sells quickly and for top dollar during the selling season, be the owner with a plan who got their home ready, staged and listed early in the year.

Decision #2 – Be emotionally prepared. Selling your home can be very emotional. Make sure that your realtor provides you with the prices of comparable properties on the market. That will not only help you understand the true market value of your home, but also realize that when you receive an offer less than that, you’re not being ripped off or insulted. The realtor is trying to get their buyer the best price.

So be careful to manage your emotions. This is when it’s important to have chosen a good agent, one who can negotiate the price into a range where everyone wins. The key is to keep your emotional swings in check.

Decision #3 – Be realistic on the price. Putting your home on the market for the right price is the number one key to selling it quickly. Pricing your home too high, whether to test the market or because you think it’s worth more, your home can sit on the market for months. Realtors will recognize that it’s priced at an unrealistic rate and take it off their list of homes to show potential buyers.

You see it all the time—sellers who think they are going to hold out and make a great profit. But have they considered how soon they want to sell? The reality is you can get just about any price you want…if you’re willing to wait long enough. If you wait five to seven years, you are very likely to get more money for your home sale than you will today. But if you want to sell in 90-120 days for top dollar, pricing is a crucial issue that you should discuss at length, and honestly, with your trusted real estate professional.

Decision #4 – Accept reality quickly. As in our second point, emotions can be hard to define and control, but what is fairly easy to judge is the market and the realities of value.

No seller thinks their house is worth less than the market value, and usually argue that there are many features they’ve added that should push the selling price up. In theory, that can be true. However, the reality you have to be prepared to reconcile is: If people won’t pay more for those things, it doesn’t make your home worth more. The new contemporary kitchen remodel won’t be a selling point to someone who wants a more traditional one.

In fact, if you are planning to remodel your home in order to push up the value of your house, you should always discuss it with a real estate professional first. They will let you know if it will be worth the cost and hassle, and it could save you money on the work and won’t make you upset when you find out you haven’t increased your home’s value.

We recommend that you prepare yourself for the true realities, while maintaining an objective perspective throughout the process. It’s a balancing act that can be far easier to navigate with the help of a trusted professional.

Decision #5 – Trust your gut instinct. When interviewing agents, remember that there is nothing more important than the level of trust between you and the agent you choose to represent you. And trust comes in two crucial parts. The first is professional competency.

To trust someone with what is likely the single biggest financial transaction of your life, you need to have confidence that the agent you choose has the skillstechnology and ability to find you the right home, negotiate the best price and keep your best interests as the priority. That’s why choosing someone just because they’re a “friend of the family” isn’t always the best choice.

The second layer of trust is personal. When you work with someone on something as important as the sale of your home, you need to know you can trust that person personally.

Do you feel that your agent will always place your needs ahead of their own? You need to be confident, very confident, that they will. It’s not about flashy advertising, or the number of homes that agent has sold, but rather whether or not you can trust that person with your financial future.

Most of us can sense authenticity and integrity. It comes out in many ways and generally, when you’re in the presence of it, you know in your gut. So trust yourself, and you’ll be more likely to choose the right agent.

We hope that you have found these suggestions helpful. Selling your home is a life-altering series of decisions, and the better prepared you are to make those decisions effectively, the better the result will be.

And as always, if there is anything at all we can do to help you, please feel free to call us at 800-529-4767. The conversation is always free and you’re under no obligation of any kind.


Adapted from post on Proquest Technologies